Ombre Rouge de Phrygie
Beauceron Breeder & Dog Pension
Dog pension Ombre Rouge de Phrygie
more than 20 years' experience
Situated in the Landes 40 (France)
In the middle of nature. Loads of room to walk and play. Far from traffic and shops, your dog wil have a great time and will be begging you to go back.
According to the way the dogs relate to eachother they will be allowed to move around separately or in group. During the night they sleep in roofed, dry and draft-free kennels.
Bélinda Eylettens
With over 13 years of experience breeding and owning Beaucerons, Belinda understands this breed, and dogs in general, like no other. She is used to having multiple dogs running around at the same time (at times she has up to 16 dogs). Belinda carefully and professionally chooses which dogs can safely be put together to play.